A Cloudwalk foam underlay feels great and will help extend the life of your flooring. It adds luxury and longevity to carpets and timber floors in commercial and residential environments with its perfect balance of comfort and support.

Our prices are better. They have to be.

Our service is better. It has to be.



Australian made

Australian Owned


Extreme Comfort


Moisture Resistant

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Delivery all around NSW & ACT

Great Value

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Cloudwalk Underlay Range

Makes your flooring comfortable, luxurous, richer and more thicker. Improves carpet life and appearance. Reduces Noise Transmission, acts as a Thermal Insulator, and is Environmentally Friendly. Lifetime warranty. Suitable for residential and commercial floors

Why Choose Us?

We have been operational for the past 20 years specialising in foam and underlay products based in NSW. Cloudwalk now stands as a premium supplier of quality Carpet and Timber underlay to Retailers, Commercial Flooring companies and Builders.


Our products are manufactured using the latest technology and sourcing the best quality raw material to produce products that are durable, defect free and comfortable under foot.


Our Underlay are manufactured with environmental impact in mind and our products are environmentally friendly.